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“Whatever’s trendy in that era stays in that era” – said no one ever.

Have you ever had an experience where you find a clothing piece that looks like it came from your great-great grandmother’s closet and you’re probably afraid to wear it because you’re afraid to be poked fun at?  yet you still want to wear it because it looks nice?

Great news sister, You can still wear it, but you need to make few changes.

Here’s a quick tip:


There’s no rule that vintage pieces can’t be mixed with modern pieces right? But how do you even add a modern touch on a vintage piece?


If you’re not really big on what’s hot and what’s not the internet is your best friend as it can help you find current trends and give you an idea on how you can tweak your outfit. 


We all know that some vintage looks tend to favor conservative clothing like puffy sleeves, long sleeves, below the knee or ankle skirts and so on but you can customize it by cutting the sleeves, adjusting the length of the skirt or even dying it in a different color (a bright hues perhaps?).


There’s a thin line between customizing and personalizing. Customize is broader compared to personalize. Personalizing doesn't necessary require cutting sleeves or adjusting length, It's more on  tailoring to your own liking or just simply adding your personal touch. Just like wearing the dress in a certain way, including a little statement piece, or just adding something that makes the outfit YOU. 

For example, I like adding pink or other shades close to pink  (if I really don’t have a choice red will do) may it be on my outfit, things or even my make up. Anything that makes it distinct and shows your personality.


I’m not big on accessories but trust me small tweaks on your outfit using accessories can make a big difference.

Accessories can be quite tricky as it doesn’t only concern jewelry, it also includes your headpiece, bags, eye wears, and so forth. You need to know which accessories can help your outfit pop and be sure not to overdo it.

I hope these tips will help you.

Anyway, a friend told me that this look remind her of the renaissance period with a slightly modern touch. Does it?

Let me know what you think.


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