90’s Casual Chic

5:37 AM

Crop top: BAZAAR | Mom jeans: HERBENCH | Mules, and Bag: TOPSHOP

An outfit straight from the ’90s.

That’s what I was going for this look.

How do I describe the ‘90s fashion?

 I think it’s more on the simple and comfortable side of fashion compared to the bold and flashy style of the ’80s.

 If you were born later than 1999 here’s an idea on what’s trending during the ’90s:

1. Denim Clothing 

Anything denim, from denim jacket, denim pants, denim skirt, denim overalls. The ‘90s just can’t get enough of the denim. 

2. Black Leather Jacket 
You’re probably considered one of the cool kids if you own a black leather biker jacket.

3. Cropped top 
Fitted or loose crop top.

4. Flannel Shirts

5. High Waist jeans 
A classic example is mom jeans.

6. Bike Shorts

7. Platform heels 
These chunky pumps are pretty comfy as it provides better support compared to other thin heeled sandals.

8.  Bum bags, belt bags, and fanny packs 
Basically, a one strapped crossbody bag. At first sight, you’ll probably think that this type of bag can only be sported by men, but hey, girls can also rock this bag just like how famous celebrities carry their fanny pack.

9. Tracksuits and Windbreakers

10. Bucket hats.

Here are some of the famous Icon that you can get inspiration from for your ‘90s outfit:

1. Jennifer Anniston (Check out her outfit history in the famous series “F-R-I-E-N-D-S”)
2. Jennifer Lopez
3. Winona Ryder
4. Alicia Silverstone  (Check out the movie “Clueless” for the ‘90s inspired girly outfits)

And last but not least:

5. Spice Girls 

I was still very young when these fashion trends have reached its pinnacle, and a lot has changed through the years when it came to clothing and style. What I noticed about the 90’s fashion is its minimalist and laid back fashion, which I love as it promotes both comfort and style.

It’s true when they said “what goes around comes around”, as the 90’s trend is making its comeback. I’m glad I was able to snatch this classic “mom jeans” from my mom’s vintage closet (literally living up to its mom jeans name) and paired it with two other ensembles, a crop top, and chunky heeled sandals (Mules), to rock this 90’s casual-chic street style outfit.

Tell me what you think about this look; don’t you just love the ‘90s style?


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