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Black top and Palazzo pants from: TAYTAY TIANGGE | Heels from: CHARLES AND KEITH
 bag from: COACH

Have you ever noticed like how wearing a certain color of shirt or dress raises your confidence?

Countless research was founded on how colors can influence our state of mind. It can help boost our mood, relax our mind and give us energy.

Yeah, we all have that favorite color that boosts our vibe every time we wear it, it’s called the Power color.

Called as the color of sunshine. It exudes a fresh, active and cheerful vibe.
  Yellow is a tricky color to wear, wearing the wrong shade of yellow can make or break your look. The tone of what you’re wearing should compliment your skin.

The color of optimism, happiness, energy and enthusiasm. People say that wearing the color orange can make you look welcoming and pleasant. A quick tip when wearing orange,  A solid and bright tone is eye catching can make you look youthful but if you want to look a little more casual go for the neutral shades of orange.

It doesn’t mean that when you wear the color blue you also feel blue. The color of the sky, Blue represents serenity and usually has a relaxing effect on the mind. They say that if you want to look responsible and intelligent opt for the color blue.

Usually associated with purity, white is a simple yet versatile color that can be paired with any other color. A white dress paired with red lipstick  can give off an elegant yet powerful aura while white dress paired with pink lipstick can give of a youthful vibe.

Black is a classic color that is frequently associated with elegance, strength and formality. Wearing black can exude power and authority, but it can also give a feeling of mystery.

Do you know that wearing black can make you look thinner?

Often perceived as a feminine color, but in my opinion, pink is a color that can be worn by anybody, not just women but also men. Yes wearing pink emits a sweet, playful and charming aura, but it can also radiate an intimate and romantic vibe.

The color of fire and blood and often perceived as a woman’s color of confidence, the color red gives off a sense of strength, power and passion.

Honestly I find the color red attractive and eye catching.  There are days when I don’t feel confident I just wear this color and go.

We all have different opinions when it comes to colors and choosing a certain power color all boils down to how that hue makes us feel. Our power color should make us feel happy, energetic, confident and empowered.

What’s your power color?


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