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2:27 AM

Hey guys I know that I rarely update nowadays, it's because I've been adjusting a lot with life here in abroad. If you're going to ask, Yes I'm not in the Philippines I'm, I'm currently in the Middle East and If you are going to ask what am I doing here I'll save that for another blogpost. So where were we?

Oh I remember (light buulllb!)

What's up guys? For the three months of hiatus of blogging a lot of things has happened and changed. Well where was I before going abroad? I was in Visayas and Mindanao having my so called "bakasyon grande" before leaving the country. You know, Philippines is so blessed with a lot of great tourist destination, we have so many great places and views that will captivate your heart. You just have to search, go there, explore the place, immerse yourself with the local and appreciate.

To be more specific I and my cousins went around Cagayan de Oro, Impasugong and Malaybalay. I also went to Davao, Bacolod and Cebu with my "Tita" and Uncle. I have so much to share about our travel adventures where we experienced a lot of things like going around on our own, immersing ourself with the local, learning a lot about their community, trying new food and meeting new friends.

Anyway I will be posting my "bakasyon grande" videos on my vlog (Verzotyle and Celestravels) real soon and I hope you'll subscribe for more funny videos and travel videos. I will also try to blog about my travels to give you an idea about the place and of course try to persuade you to go there.

Another thing, I'll try to post every friday but it will just be my random thoughts or the things that has been going on my mind to keep this blog active again because you know I can't do the things I used to do before I left Pinas, so I'll try my best to keep you updated.

How about you,  how have you been? I want to know. Leave a comment below

That's all for now.


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