WHAT'S UP: What Have I Been Doing

8:14 AM

Hi guys! I know that I said that I would update more on my last blogpost but something came up that's why I've been out for long. 

So What's Up?

First of all I would like to ask if how are you guys? and congratulations to the graduates of batch 2016.

 Its been a long time and I have a news for you, finally after four bloody years I am now a certified Thomasian alumna (yeheeey!) 

All lot of people asked me If why I haven't been traveling or updating my blog here's the reason why. 


First I have been taking care and showing around Manila some of my relatives from Mindanao, plus my family came home from abroad for my graduation so I  spent a lot of quality time with them. Also last April and May, we were doing tons revisions regarding our thesis for academic compliance. These past few months have been very stressful for me and because of this I've been having hormonal imbalance (hello acnes).


As most of you know I am a "galaera" type of girl  [ga-la-e-ra: someone who travels a lot] but  I had to set that part of me for while because of the "bawal gumala gala ang graduating" superstition which means graduating students shouldn't go out more often, travel or do extraneous activities because something might happen to them before graduation. I know that some of you might disagree with me but it's what the elders told me haha and I respect their belief. You might say "But Celest this shouldn't hinder you from doing what you want", I know but its better to be safe and I need to get through graduation whole and alive, I have a friend who fractured his arms because of a car accident and my best friend almost drowned from their summer outing. My graduation was last June 10 2016, so yeah I just l allowed summer to pass by. 

But after my graduation I went to Baguio with my family to celebrate my birthday :D you know what I realized about birthdays? as I grow up I prefer  spending it with my family and close friends. Gone are the days when I celebrate it with a lot of friends, blockmates and relatives.


I still don't have a concrete plan regarding what will I do after graduation. Some of my friends already have work and some were establishing their own businesses. As for me, as much as I want to look for work right now I have to arrange some documents because I MIGHT go abroad. Still not sure tho, but I hope it will push through.

On the other side, while waiting for go signal for this abroad trip I am planning to find a part-time job and create a youtube channel. It has been my frustration since third year college to create a youtube channel where I can post my Vlogs, share tips and crazy things I do in life. I hope you will be able to support my Youtube channel when I publish it.

Another thing, have you noticed the change in my Blog? Do you like it? I just had the feeling that I want change and something new in my blog. If there are ways I can improve the look of my blog more please leave a comment below.

That's all for now.


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