Maysawa Circuit: Mt. Sa Pari and Mt. Binutasan

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After almost four months, it feels great to be back in the mountains again. Last July 16, 2016, my hiking buddies and I explored the newly opened hiking destination in Tanay, the Maysawa Circuit ( the sawa is pronounced as saWA like the snake).  Maysawa Circuit has two neighbouring mountains: Mt. Sa Pari and Mt. Binutasan which you can explore within the day. 

My friends and I started climbing a bit late compared to the others who were catching the sea of clouds. I wanted to start narrating my experience, but first I'm going to tell you how to get there.


1. Along Aurora Boulevard, Cubao, ride a jeepney going to Cogeo. The jeepney ride going to Cogeo cost P24.00 each.
2. In Cogeo, look for a jeepney bound to Sampaloc ( If I remember it right, we rode in front of a blue building near mercury drugs). Ask the jeepney driver to drop you at barangay Cuyambay. The jeepney fare cost P48.00 each.
3.  From the drop off, ride a habal habal going to the barangay hall for registration. The habal habal ride cost P25.00 per person.
4. After the registration at the barangay hall the officials will assign a guide that will accompany your group. Ride another Habal habal going to the jump off. The habal habal ride cost P40.00

A friendly reminder to all of the climbers.

This is our guide Kuya Enzo Juco, Kuya Enzo will keep you entertained with his jokes and stories while on the trail.

By the time we started climbing it was already friggin hot and I forgot to bring a cap, so I needed to improvise using my cardigan to protect my face.

NOTE: I strongly suggest that you wear long sleeves because most of the grass ( I forgot the name of the plant, you can see it in the picture anyway)  there are taller than me and also be sure to bring something that can cover your face because you will be passing in a trail like this a lot and some of the plant can slighty wound your face (parang yung sa paper cut ganun).

Our first destination was Mt. Sa Pari, at first I thought it was spelled as Sapari like the Safari, but from what I learned from our guide, Kuya Enzo, back in the days there was a priest who lived there and it was called "Kay Pari" (Priest) and as the time went by it was later on called "Sa Pari".

Panoramic view of the mountains

We decided to take a photo here. 

What I like about our late climb was there were only few people who hiked because  most of them started very early to catch the sea of clouds and also we have the place all to ourselves.

NOTE: Another note, if you are the type of climber who likes to hold on the rocks and bamboos, especially going down the trail, I suggest that you bring gloves, kasi some of the bamboos daw have something ( I forgot kung anong tawag dun, nagiging forgetful nako) na when you touch it mangangati ka daw.

This is where we rested for a while and ate, we also met some fellow climbers here. 

Our next destination was Mt. Binutasan which took us almost two hours to get there. 

The trail going to Mt. Binutasan is more grassy compared to Mt. Sa Pari

Can you see the clouds? It was already raining on the other mountains when we went to Mt. Binutasan. It looks like the rain is just waiting for us before it pour down.

At the top of the summit, you will see the different mountains of Tanay, Rizal

My " I conquered this mountain" pose

You need to try this, Jess and I were eating this on our way down back to the jump off.

Look what happened to me on our way down

The trip going down took us about an hour. Then we rode a habal habal going to the highway where we will ride the jeepney going to cogeo. We had to hurry because the last jeep going back to Cogeo departs at 6:30 pm.

The whole climb took us almost six hours, including the rest and picture taking. What I like about this  trip is that felt like it was my first time to do  climb a mountain again and another thing is that this is my first twin hike, all thanks to my climbing friends and Kuya Enzo for making this trip possible. I can't wait for my next climbing adventure.

Anyway, to sum up the EXPENSES for this trip:
> Jeepney fare 
Cubao to Cogeo- P24.00
Cogeo to Brgy. Cuyambay- P48.00
> Habal habal fare to barangay hall- P25.00
> Habal habal to jump off- P40.00
> Registration fee- P30.00
> Guide fee- P500.00 (we paid P125.00 each)
> Habal habal to highway - P25.00
> Jeepney fare
Barangay Cuyambay to Cogeo - P48.00
Cogeo to Cubao - P24.00
Total: P389.00

> Water - P50
> Food - P50
Total: P100

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and I will post a video of this trip on my Vlog Celestravels soon. 

That's all for today.

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  1. YOur pictures are so captivating. Love it!!! ♥

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  3. may update po ba kung anong oras may pinaka-maagang byahe galing tanay market papuntang cuyambay?

    1. Hello may byahe ng tricycle from tanay market to cuyambay, anytime naman ata sya. Pero pag jeep walang direct byahe from tanay market.

    2. The tricycle ride is around 700 ata yun depende sa makakausap mo. Pero if you want na direct to Cuyambay na magjeep nalang kayo from Cogeo sakay kayo ng jeep going to Sampaloc then baba kayo sa Cuyambay

    3. ahh, owwkeyy, salamat po. ^_^

  4. may update po ba kung anong oras may pinaka-maagang byahe galing tanay market papuntang cuyambay?



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