What's Up: Life Update

7:43 AM

It’s been a long time since the last time I blogged because I’ve been busy with school, work and family.  Also I’ve been disconnected to the online world that I feel like I’ve been missing a lot of things like   new trends, new movies, new places that I can travel  and much more. Other people say that this is pretty normal for a graduating student, but omygosh the stress and the pimples are damaging my face.


I’m reading
 I’m not reading anything right now except for acads book and maybe business books.

I’m watching
I recently watched Descendants of the Sun and I’m still having a hangover with Song Joong-Ki. Oh the Kilig :”>

I’m listening
Huhu I wish I have the time to download new songs

How’s school?
Thesis. Defense. Selling soaps,acad readings and many more. Work  Work  Work Work Work  …… that’s all I hear whenever I hear the word school. Is it normal to have pre-grad anxiety? because I think I'm having one. Any advise?

Travel and adventure life
I haven’t climb a mountain for almost 2 months, but I’ve been to Camiguin with my  tita and cousins last holy week. I'm also excited because I'll be touring some of my cousins around Manila soon. Can you suggest any great place where I can bring them?

As of now I'm on my #impulsive phase in life, I've been hauling beauty products because I got inspired by Song Hye Kyo’s beauty. Can you believe that she’s already 34 years old, but her beauty is that of  a nineteen year old? I used to be not so conscious when it comes to skin care, but everything changed after I watched Descendants of the Sun hahaha I will share my new skin care routine on another blog post.

Anyway It’s so good to be back into blogging, I can't wait to share a lot of things on my next blog posts. I feel like I’ve been missing so many things. 

How have you been lately? I’d like to hear from you.


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