What's Up: So Far Productive

9:00 PM

Hi guys! I’m putting up a new segment in my blog, the “What’s up?” segment so that I can update my  blog more often. For my first segment post I’m going to share you what’s up with my life for this week.

I tried making one of the most popular food in Korea, Kimchi. It’s my first time to cook something that includes vegetables, Congratulations to me! I usually cook something fried or instant haha J. So I guess this will be the start of my cooking journey.

I ran some documents for my baby bro’s, so I was busy the whole day running errands.

This day marks my second attempt in cooking, I made carbonara. It wasn’t perfect for me yet but the taste is acceptable J I guess? Well somebody ate it. I didn’t know cooking was this fun, so I decided that I will continue to learn more recipe.

 I decided to stay at home and made some work related to our thesis. I also made a blog post draft. This day was kind of brain- draining day.

I had a meeting with my groupmates and discussed some thesis related stuff.  I also had the “kasipagan” to clean my desktop after 123456789 years.

I made an inspirational board to motivate me in reaching my short term and long terms goals, also to motivate me for school (back to school!). Because I was bored I decided to clean my closet another after 12356789 years.

This week has been the most productive week I had for the whole duration of my vacation, I regret those times where I just stayed in bed for a week  just eating and watching movies. I am happy to share that I just learned how to sleep early ( yes I find it hard to sleep early). It took me a few days forcing myself to bed at 9 pm but ending up sleeping at 3 am, but I am happy now that I can sleep early and wake up early, I can do more things and check more things off my to – do list.

I also developed this week the habit of reading inspirational articles every morning, which helped a lot in motivating me in waking up early and making some actions to my plan, maybe I’ll share it in my blog sometime.

I’m trying to influence my friends and cousins in doing the same thing so that they will also be motivated. How about you, what keeps you motivated? Share it in the comment box below.

That’s all for now.


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