What's Up: Busy Bee

6:02 PM

This week I’ve been busy with


This week was the start of our classes and my mind is still not on a school mode. I think I’m still having a vacation hangover anyways,
 I can’t remember the details of my week but I feel like I’ve been doing a lot of things lately, of course all of them related to school.

Another thing that’s been keeping me busy is our thesis, last year we already had the planning part and this  year we will have the implementation part. We’ve been going to different places, arranging permits and meeting people. I know our hard work will pay off soon.

Because of the busy feeling my body and mind has been craving  for adventure. I feel like I want to go to Sandbox, go wake boarding or climb a mountain. I just need someone to accompany me in these activities, someone who can keep up with my energy (haha did I tell you that sometimes I’m hyper?). Also I’m thinking of doing a vlog I just don’t know how and when will I start.

How’s your week so far?
I hope you will not forget to take care of yourself despite of your busy schedule.


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