Celest Tries: The Face Shop Blemish Zero

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This is the second time that I am posting a beauty review ( the first time was about the brow studio) and I am so excited to share you this. Lately, I’ve been having break outs more than the usual, like every other day there’s a new zit growing in my face and I am not pleased about it. I have tried a lot of  toner and moisturizer but I guess it didn’t suit my skin type.

This was my before using the Blemish Zero picture.

 One day while walking in the mall, I passed by a The Face Shop store and checked their anti acne products, while I was looking at their products the sales lady recommended me the Blemish Zero clarifying toner and moisturizer.

According to my research the Blemish Zero toner and moisturizer is
·      Good for Adult acne prone skin types.
·      Contains natural AHA ( Alpha Hydroxy Acid) and BHA which helps remove dead skin cells  making skin clear and silky smooth.
·      Contains anti- inflammable and moisturizing ingredients.

I use Casielest and another facial wash (alternate) for my cleanser then apply my toner and then mosturizer

I tried applying it after every shower and every night before I go to sleep. What I like about the toner is that it doesn’t have a very strong stingy feeling unlike the other toners. After almost a week and a half of using it the results are

After a week and a half of using the product (No make up and no filter selfie)

I can say that it helped reduce the redness of my zits and dried some of it. My acne’s did not totally disappeared but some of them were cured.  Also my break outs were lessened and my face feels more moisturized.

So my judgement for now is that this product is worth trying  for those who have acne problems. I’m so glad that I found this product before our class starts because break outs make me feel very self conscious. 

What's your acne story and how did you overcome it? share your beauty secret in the comments section.

That’s all for now.

Have a good day!

P.S I will try to make an after review of this product maybe after a month and a half

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