Del Carmen Beach Adventure

6:40 AM

Last last week, my cousins and I decided to go to Del Carmen Beach to celebrate our birthdays. This one is quite different from Duka Bay. It doesn't have a clear blue water but it has more water activities plus they have swimming pools for those who doesn't like to swim in the beach.

We decided to try the Aqua park first, its only P100 good for an hour. I decided to wear a rash guard during this time because I know I will be spending the whole day in the water and I don't want to have so much sun burn since I am still recovering from our Duka Bay adventure.

It took us around 10 - 15 mins going to the Aquapark itself, we were already tired by the time we were there. 

Our first stop was the  one in the picture above. It's so hard to go inside the balloon house because its so slippery. It took me around 3 tries before I was able to go inside, that's only the going inside part. After that, someone has to go up ( the one who will jump on the other part of the balloon so that the other will bounce to the water) and the other person has to go to the "dulo part" of the balloon and guess what it took me 6 tries before I positioned myself to the "dulo part" of the balloon. I was already tired by that time, I was still catching my breath when the "kuya" from there jumped. I felt like I was flying and I can't explain the adrenaline rush. Anyways, I did it twice :))

After that, we transferred to the other balloons. There were trampoline, see-saw like balloon, mountain climbing water balloon version and etc.

This activity is very tiring so you have to make sure that you refuel to regain your energy. After an hour, we went back to our cottage to eat and rest for a while.

We also decided to blow our cake, and after this my cousins and I decided to play patintero, sand digging and they buried me and made me a mermaid.

They almost fulfilled my childhood dream of being a mermaid, sand version.

After our sand activity, we decided to rent a paddle board. It cost P200 per hour.

Good thing my cousin was with me because during the time that we were already in the "malalim part" of the beach, my arms were already tired that I wanted to sleep. So we took turns in paddling.

After the paddle board we decided to pack up and go home.

I attached here their rates for cottages and water activities. Del Carmen Beach is located at Kauswagan, Lagonglong, Misamis Oriental. For more information, 

That's all for today.


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