Whistler Village Escapade

2:00 PM

As the last week of August approach my mom and our family friend decided to take a visit to Whistler Village, one of the most popular tourist spots here in British Columbia.

 The two hours and ten minutes drive was somewhat boring but the view of the ocean was splendid, also baby Hadrey kept us entertained with his cuteness and smiles.

Obligatory group picture 

Going around, we saw porsche cars which were used for auctions and raffle. If you are a car enthusiast I'm pretty sure you'd be entertained

We also saw cable cars there, a ride in the cable car would enable you to have a birds eye view of the surrounding. What I love about cable car is that during winter, people would ride on it to get to the top and jump to ski, isn't that exciting?

There were performers who serenaded the crowd with their unique instruments, as much as I want to  share the video but sad to say my camera does not have a setting for video recording.

Waaaaaahhh! look! when I saw this jukebox I immediately ran for it but to my dismay, it was out of order.

and because the jukebox was out of order I just turned my attention to this cute little subject.
It's amazing how a baby's smile can make your day.

After taking pictures with baby Hadry we continued walking around and VOILA!
These eye catching structures were like those in the movies. Its unique modern style is really pleasing to the eyes, oh how I wish I could bring my sister here so that she can see this beauty.                                       

A quick outfit of the day (OOTD) 
 tank top : forever 21 
Skirt : I just found it in my mom's closet and I tried to make it like a maxi skirt but it was close enough
Shades: Balenciaga from Clearly Contacts 

Before heading home, we made a quick stop at Tantalus Lookout to see this breathtaking view. If you are planning to watch the sunrise and sunset with your love one or you just want to escape the city and forget your problem, then Tantalus would be a great place for that.

The long drive going to  Whistler was worth it,  my overall experience was incredible. I wouldn't mind going back again next time. I strongly recommend that you visit Whistler  Village during winter or summer because of the numerous activities like skiing, snow boarding, zip lining  during summer and mountain biking, Gondola Alpine experience, ATV tours and many other activities for summer.

This is my second blog post here in Verzotyle and I must say that I'm still in the learning process when it comes to blogging. I'm so excited to share more of my experiences and  thoughts so don't forget to like our page in Facebook to get more updates.

Lots of Love,

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