Cebu Once Again

3:00 AM

Last month I went back to Cebu for a two day stay with my mom. This time I didn't go to any tourist spot but I had a little bonding with nature. 

Its not often that I get to escape the stressful environment of the city, so whenever I get the chance I make the most out of it.

We randomly went to the top of the huge water tank to see more of Cebu, and guess what? I loved it. I really like going to a high place where I can see everything, especially the green view of nature, It feels relaxing.

Look at me I'm on top of the wooorrrlllddd!

The next pictures where taken during the second day of our stay. I really don't know what part of Cebu is this but It was somewhat in a mountain area already, where we had a little picnic and bought some fresh fruits and vegetables.

After that, we went to west35, an eco mountain resort and watched the sunset with my relatives. I feel so blessed that I get to see this beautiful view of Cebu, I promised to myself that the next time I will come here ( in West35) I'll be with my special someone ( hahaha that might take a long time) The place feels cold  because it is situated in an elevated place, so you might need to bring a hug buddy haha :))

Aside from sight seeing West 35 have a restaurant where you can eat with your family and a play ground where your kids can play. Also they offer different activities like zip lining and other authentic mountain experience.

If you feel like peeing or retouching your make up you will be amazed with the interior of their rest room. One wall is open facing the mountainous view,  this is one clever idea but I just hope that no one will peek in the women's rest room  haha :))

Over all this experience made me love Cebu more and I hope the next time I will go here It would be Sinulog festival :))

Hugs and kisses,

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  1. Gorgeous photos, Celest! Glad to know you had a blast in Cebu. It's been ages since the last time I was there.

    By the way, I'm having a giveaway on my site. You'll have a chance to win a gorgeous blogger template from Envye! Please do drop by. Thanks!

    And oh, we met at AyosDito event some months back. :)


    1. Hi Nica! I think I remember you, are you the one teaching the koreans? Sure I'll drop by in your blog :)

    2. Yes! :) Thanks for entering the giveaway on my site. A gentle reminder, please use the rafflecopter for your entries to qualify. Have a great week!



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