Candy Fair 2014

7:45 AM

It's that time of the year again where teenage girls gather for the annual Candy Fair and this time I went with two of my block mates Ruth and Almera.

Candy fair gets better every year, upon going inside you will already feel the rave.

While waiting for the program to start, we went to different booths first and our first stop was the Maybelline New Generation Booth.

They have a new app where in your can put a border in your photo.

The next booth is the skin white booth.  Where three candy cuties will welcome you, haha candy cuties everywhere :))

They have a new booth which suprised me, its a marriage booth where in you will be married to a candy cutie haha :">

 I felt a temporary kilig here hahaha,  can't stop laughing during the "ceremony" because the candy cutie was so bubbly and I have that habit of laughing when looking into people's eyes.

And our resident candy cutie in the house, Alex Diaz!!! 

Other booths you can find there are Shana and Creamsilk.

 The program was hosted by Justin Quirino and Joyce Pring. To add spice to the program, the candy cuties 2014 rampaged, followed by a Shana Fashion Show.

 There were awesome games and surprises brought to us by the sponsors. 

Elmo magalona was also there and serenaded the new 30 creamsilk ambassadors.

Other actors like Khalil Ramos, James Reid, Enrique Gil and Ex PBB housemates  Axel, Fourth, Joshua and Manolo suprised the crowd with their impressive performance. I only have few pictures during the program because I was taking videos the whole time. I was mesmerized with Khalil's voice and star struck with Enrique Gil's dance performance. 

And after the program, a meet and greet opportunity was given to the candy girls to meet and take a photo with their favorite candy cuties.

This is already my second time attending the Candy fair and I'm glad that my friends enjoyed the event. I can't wait for the next Candy Fair.

Hugs and kisses,

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