Throwback Tuesday: Sakura Festival

9:45 PM

It was that time of the year around April ,where all the pretty delicate leaves bloom in pink and white leaving colorful trails in the ground. It was really pretty because of how it emphasizes the meaning of spring. The highlights of the event were the cosplayers,pretty sakura's trees,the performers and the children who wore kimono's/yukata.


Those "wind socks" or what they call " satsuki-nobori" I saw when I was looking up in the sky was really cute and how I would just see it in anime's but I physically saw it.  I would say its really interesting because of the design and how it follows the tradition.



We saw some cosplayers who were walking around and as an anime fan I was happy to see them but I didn't get to watch their performance.

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Some cherry blossoms were still growing but luckily I took some photos of it. 

There were other traditional kids and teenagers who wore kimono's/yukata and it really felt like one of those festivals I just watch in anime's except I was physically there.

Group photo with the Tita's

My  experience with the Sakura festival was really fun but I missed all the other performances. Still we saw the trees that was really pretty and all.The cosplayers I saw were really familiar,because of the animes I watch. Overall it was really a great experience and I hope to go back again next year. 


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