Miss Blue and the busy schedule

8:11 PM

This is my first decent outfit post since the class has started, I didn't expect that my schedule would be  this busy. For this outfit post I wore a crop top and a midi skirt from Ritzy Girl and paired it with a floral necklace to add more girly accent to my outfit. Ritzy Girl is an online shop that would be launched this  September and I hope that you would support me and my friend.

Third year is one of the most crucial year in college, I thought that being assigned in an afternoon class would give me more time to study and party but I was wrong, very very wrong. The first week of class was a chill week, then the second and succeeding weeks have been  hell weeks already which made it a hell month.  I thought that my time management was already effective, little did I know that I still need to make an effective strategy to be able to achieve my goal.

My Goals
1. To submit the needed requirements for my course.
2. To recite in class as much as possible.
3. To pass the quizzes and exam.
4. To pass the course.
5. To maintain my social life despite of the busy schedule (that includes attending events)
6. To travel when I have the time.
7. To spend quality time with my family.

And the list goes on

My strategy
1. Prioritize
            Choose your top 3 or top 2 priority which you want to focus.

2. Make a schedule
            This is the time where time management comes, be sure to do the most important task first before anything else. List all the tasks and activities you need to do for the day and create a timetable  so that you can distribute your time, be sure to allot a time for rest, we wouldn't want to drain so much of your energy, would we?

3. Give your best
            You have to give your best in every task that you do so that you won't have to repeat the task or get a poor result.

4. Enjoy
            Ofcourse despite of the busy schedule you have to smile and enjoy what you are doing remember that life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.

There is one important ingredient to be able to execute these things and that is discipline. 

I never thought that my supposed to be outfit post would include a "how to cope up with a busy schedule" segment ha-ha :) I hope this post would help you enough in dealing with a lot of task and activities :) Enjoy reading!

Hugs and kisses,


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