SG Diaries: Universal Studios Adventure

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SG Diaries: Universal Studios Adventure

Hellloooooo, It has been a long time since I blogged about my SG Adventures, this post is going to be a bit long since a lot of things happened and I almost forgot blogging about it.

After strolling around Orchard road we went to Universal Studios (hooorraaaaaayyy!)
Our visit in Singapore would not be complete if we will not visit Universal Studios which is one of the most visited tourist attraction in SG.

Note: If you are planning to visit Universal Studios you should wear a very comfortable clothes because you will be dealing a lot walking, falling in line, rides, picture taking every where and goofing around, also be sure you have a lot of energy because for sure you will be dead tired after going around.

From Vivo City we rode an express train going to Sentosa.

In our trip to Universal Studios there were six teenagers, three adults and one three year old kid all in all, upon arriving our uncle and aunt allowed us to explore on our own (cool uncle and aunt huh?) hahaha which sounds like adventure and fun.

Our first stop was the Transformers.

It was a long line ahead of us, we thought that we were just falling in line for nothing but trust me I swear the ride was worth the wait. I would rate it as 9/10 in terms of the enjoyment factor. I don't want to spoil on what's inside for those who have not been to Universal Studios.

We kind of got dizzy after the ride so we decided to have a little picture talking and walking around.

Going inside Universal Studios was like going to another world. The creativity of the park is very amazing, you will notice different themesof the place as you go on. There will be castle and princesses, pyramids, pharaos, minions, dinosaurs, jurassic park theme and many more. It's like going back to your childhood.

Our next ride was the Mummy, most the adult rides at US are dizzifying (haha!) that's why after this ride I never dared to go for another ride.

If you are a reader of Rick Riordan's Kane Chronicles you will be fond of this part of the park since it has an egypt-ish theme, there were pharaos, pyramids, heiroglypics everywhere.

To rest a little we decided to go to the FAR FAR AWAY castle to visit Shrek and Fiona.
This castle is best suited for kid ages 5-10 (with parental guidance of course) since it's more of the movie watching. After watching we went goofing around.

Verzo's gone crazy

After a long tiring day

We still managed to pull of that smile because the experience was helluva worth it.

I don't know how to put into words the feeling after the experience, but one thing I am sure is that I super duper ultra mega over enjoyed it especially I went with my cousins. In going to adventures cousins are one of the best companion.

Celest <3

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