Shangrila Staycation

8:23 AM

Shangrila Staycation

I am so glad that after four months of hiatus I am back to blogging. A few months ago, I went to Cebu for educational purposes and we stayed at Shangrila Hotel Mactan. Since it's already summer I want to start my blog by sharing pictures inside Shangrila Mactan. 

This is an overview of the pool side of the resort, isn't it pleasing to the eyes?
The resort has one huge pool which has different level ( 3 feet, 5 feet, etc) and a playground by the pool where children can play while the adults enjoy the pool.

They also have a life size chess board and peices and a place where you can play golf, yaay!

And after walking inside the resort, we now proceed to the beach area which is the most fun part :)

We were at the hotel resort most of the time, that's why I wasn't really able to explore Cebu, but I promise I'll be back soon Cebu.
I'm planning to make some renovations on my blog soon. For now, I have to enjoy my 3-month  summer vacation, isn't the beach so inviting?

Celest <3

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  1. Ahh, I miss the beach. I have always been in and out of Cebu for work and vacation but I have never been to Shangri-La Mactan yet. Looks very interesting. Nice pictures :)



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