SG Diaries : A stroll along Orchard road

10:54 PM

SG Diaries : A stroll along  Orchard road

From the Hotel, we have to take a bus going to Orchard road

Say hello to cousins and aunt

If you love shopping then strolling around the Orchard road will make you love the place.
Different fashion brands from high end to local brands are all over the place.

From Louis Vuitton, Armani, Prada, Gucci and etc. name it and they have it.

The smoke effect is making me hot, kidding haha!

After goofing around with two of my favorite cousin, we stop for a little snack. Singapore has their  own version of dirty ice cream which cost sgd $1.

their dirty not so dirty ice cream yummmmm!
You should try one when you go to orchard road, theirs is not really that dirty, it has flavours like mango, chocolate, coconut etc. and you can choose if you want it in a bread or a wafer.

After strolling we headed to our next  destination, which is the Universal Studios hoooray!

I can't belive that June is only 2 days away, which means most of my friends are going back to school so this will be a more alone time for me. To end this blogpost I want to share this last picture because our faces look like we enjoyed the stroll so much, till my next post :D

Celest <3

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