Foodtrip Friday: Yabu and Magnum Mania

8:27 AM

Foodtrip Friday: Yabu and Magnum Mania

My friends and I decided to go to SM Aura to try the oh so famous Magnum pop-up shop.
Since we went there at around 1 pm and it was past our lunch time we decided to eat at Yabu.

While waiting for our order we made our own sauce already. I wasn't able to take a picture on how to make it but they have instructions on their menu, and my finish product ... tadaaaa!

If you are a fan of tonkatsu then Yabu is the right place for you, they serve tonkatsu with different touches.

After eating lunch with my friends we went to our main purpose in SM Aura which is the Magnum shop

Because there were a lot of people dining there we were  asked to wait for a while.

Upon going inside you can already smell the pleasure that you are about to taste.

As you can see the ice cream restau has a  modern ambiance.

while waiting for our order we went to the counter to observe on how they make the DIY magnum.

and tadaaaaa! our orders are here. We ordered Death by chocolate and  Cookie dough skillet which is good for two to three people.
I swear just by the smell off it will make you say amoy pa lang masarap na :))

 (Death by Chocolate P280)

 ( Cookie Dough Skillet P300)

After eating death by chocolate and cookie dough skillet we went to the counter and fell in line to make our own magnum and look what we have here

a lot of people were already falling in line.

This is how you make your  own magnum, first you choose the base of your magnum whether vanilla, chocolate or gold. Then choose three toppings and coating (the coating is available in three flavors), then they put it all together.

For my magnum I choose  chocolate magnum for my base,choco chip cookies, speculoos cookies and crushed oreos for my toppings and dark chocolate for the coating.

Say hello to calories overload, HAHA!

( Hi Ira! ang saya mo tignan dito that's why I included this )

The wait was slightly long but it was super worth it.The shop is only open for a year so if I were you I would try it with my friends asap, it's not just your regular magnum but a delectable magnum  added  with pleasure and I wouldn't mind going back there to try their other combinations.

Celest <3

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