Hello 2014!!

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Hello Hello 2014! And I am back from Batangas. There are so many things that happened in 2013 and as years pass we gain more experiences and from those experiences we gain learning, so I am sharing some of the learning I got from 2013:

You’ll   never know if you never   try – My mind is always filled with what if’s thus affecting my decision and confidence. I just realized that going out of your comfort zone will enable you to discover more of yourself and more of the world.

 You can’t please everybody – I used to be the type of person that wants to comply with everybody, but  in whatever you do people will have something to say. So do what you want, be true to yourself  but don’t step on other people.

There is no easy way but there is a worth it way -  haha so I just made this up, but this applies to everything in our lives in school, work, business , etc. I used to be the person who wants to get  something easily or to get it in a single snap, but when we get things so easily our interest fades easily also, but when we get things the worth it way (where in we really work hard for it) the fulfillment we feel is different than that of the easy way, you can say “I did it my way”.

Always  do good to others – if you do good to others good things will happen to you.

Always  smile – I was not able to do it last year but this year I’ll make sure that I’ll make smiling a habit , this also attracts positive vibes.

Did you already wrote down your new years resolution? I am writing down after this and of course number  one is to slash some of the Holiday fats I gained. What can I do I just love eating  , I hope you enjoyed your holiday because school starts in a few days .

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” 
 Mahatma Gandhi

Celest <3

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