School chronicles: Mismatched

2:32 PM

(This is my favorite blazer so far)

What happens when you don't prepare for a trip?

here are most of my experience

1. Cram - you end up cramming and getting only the clothes you think you could bring
2. Forget the more important thing - yes because of the reason #1 you'll have adrenaline rush and become pressured and tend to forget which things are more important to bring.
3. Mismatch - this happens on clothes, your top does not match your bottom as well as your shoes and everything.
4. Regret - this is the last phase of my unpreparedness, I regret that I resorted to YOLOing instead of preparing

These things happen when you pack your things few hours before your flight haha. I attended a seminar related to my course and we were suppose to wear a business attire . I thought we were going to wear the same outfit all throughout till the extravaganza night, I guess I was wrong so I rushed to my suitcase and rummaged it having no choice but to wear my printed top from tomato and a pants which I forgot who gave it. Since we were asked to wear blazer I wore my pink blazer and f21 heels. I think that the print on my top didn't match the polka dot on the elbow part of  and my blazer and my shoes are too colorful for my inner which made me look like a girly businesswomen.

 This time I was supposed to regret that I was having a mismatch on my attire but because of the girly touch in my businesswomen look I am loving it.

I should really start listing my new  year’s resolution so that I can start eliminating my #tamadprobems, Tata for now because I'm visiting my blogger friends at BU6.

Celest <3

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