Going back to Childhood Skirt

9:43 PM

Going Back to that Childhood Skirt
If you're a 90's kid you'll remember this denim skirt :)) Haha. I went to Cebu last December 2, 2013 for a conference about entrepreneurship and stayed at Shangrila Hotel Mactan. 

I am a "bit" of a crammer, I packed my things few hours before my flight, just grabbed anything I can wear and didn't even mind if my clothes match :)) I still have that #tamadproblems. While rummaging my closet I saw this denim skirt bought when I was in grade 6 and luckily it still fits. This skirt makes me feel like a kid again, then I paired it with a white laced top, a cardigan from seventeen and a Lacoste rubber shoes.

I'll blog more maybe on the weekend, I still have that vacation mode mindset , that's all for now.


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