Gift Ideas for MOM

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Christmas is coming (yeeeyy)  you should be starting to buy gifts for your friends and family so that you will not end up having a last minute shopping.  

Here are some gift ideas for MOM:

1. Card – every mom’s heart will be touched if your gift was personalized and made specially for her because of the effort and the sincerity you’ve put into.

2. Perfume – this is a bit expensive but if you have budget, then why not? Just observe the type or kind of perfume that your mother uses and search on the internet about it's price and where could it be found.

3. Cook for her – a simple pasta or salad with a note on it will be appreciated by your mom. You could also ask your other family members like dad, grandma, aunt, or your siblings to help you, this can also serve as a bonding time.

4.  Cupcake – this will be sweeter if you make a cupcake with initials on it.

5.  Papemelrotti “BEST MOM EVER/ I LOVE YOU MOM/ # 1 MOM gift items – this will make her feel she is very much appreciated.

6.  Spa treatment – every mom deserves some relaxation right? another bonding moment you can do with your mom.

7.  beauty make over and a salon bonding.

8.  Picture – A picture frame with a picture of you two and a message from you at the back. Of course be creative on how are you going to write it and be sure that your message is heart warming and personal.

9.  Bag/shoes/dress– have you seen your mom eyeing  for that item? Why don’t you  try to save and buy it for her?

10. Books  – does she like cooking? Buy her a cook book, or does she like love stories? Find her a book that will make her kilig.

Those are the ideas I can give you in choosing a gift for your mom on christmas. I haven't started christmas shopping yet but I already have ideas on what to buy. Up next I'm going to post gift ideas for Dad, Be sure to like Verzotyle on facebook to get more updates on this blog.

Celest <3

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