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4:29 AM

I have always been a fan of planners, from candy planner, total girl planner, national bookstore planner and many other planner. And for 2014 I'm going to use a Belle De Jour Planner

This is the first time that I'm going to use a BDJ planner, I just feel like this is more age appropriate for me now since I just turned 18 this year, plus it's girly and has most of the things I need in a planner. 

What's inside the Belle De Jour Planner 2014?

Some inspirational quote from Harriet Tubman to motivate a Bella

Something about the BDJ power planner

BDJ Checklist

Every month the planner has a POWER ARTICLE that will inspire, motivate and empower ladies like us

and my fave part the coupons!!!!!

Events tracker

Cash flow tracker

Bills tracker

cash flow tracker
Planner pocket and sticker

this planner was released last month because of the school loads and it's a bit late already for me posting something like this but it's better late than never. For those who would like to buy a BDJ planner it's available at an national bookstore, fully booked or you can order through their website

I'm planning to have a christmas giveaway so watch out for my blogpost.

Celest <3

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