Tamad Problems

2:16 AM

Have you ever pledge to something that you will do it but then you end up procrastinating? like you will promise to start going to gym regulary, starting diet tomorrow, going back to a certain activity, studying later, blogging regularly and many other things. Yes I have done that many times and my best friend and seatmate ( Hi Khayiiee!) can attest to that. I tried going to gym twice, I attended a clay baking seminar, I bought exercise equipments, I listed things that I want to do but in the end no activity survived. I always find a reason on why to not to continue it, or i keep on saying " bukas nalang, swear!"

( I'll start dieting soon, Honesto! promise!)

credits to Samantha

Most people say that there is no cure for laziness, but I believe that we only need a motivation in order to continue doing something. Find an inspiration or something that will motivate you. Me, as of now I have a new found hobby which is Boxing (yeyy!) . I got curious and attended for one time and guess what? I enjoyed it :D I do hope that this activity will last.
"Kung gusto may paraan, kung ayaw maraming dahilan" -- this thing applies to everybody, if you really like to do something, you will still find a way to do it despite of a busy schedule.


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