School Chronicles: Be Creative, Be innovative

3:15 AM

Hellowiee! I'm going to start a new blog entitled school chronicles where in I will blog about school events, studying tips, lessons not only learned in school but also in life. So for my first school chronicles post is about the Go Negosyo event held November 19, 2013 entitled "Creativity and Innovation Summit 2013".

As a business student creativity and innovation are key components for us to be able to survive in the world of business. During the event different speakers gave their advice and experiences that they underwent during their journey in establishing their business.

Resources like Joey Concepcion ( Founding Trustee, Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship), Josiah Go ( Chairman and Chief Marketing Strategist, Mansmith and Fielders Inc.), Jay Aldeguer (President, The island group) and many other speakers taught us lessons that cannot only be used in school but also in our business journey. Here are some of the lessons that I learned from them :

  "The best lessons in life are not learned from successes but from failures"

"If it ain't broke, go fix it anyway"

"Some people want it to happen, but some other make it happen" 
-- ( I am the other that will make it happen haha)

" KISS - Keep It Super Simple"

You can learn many life lessons from the expert but the best learning that we can get is when we apply what we learned in our experiences and stand up whenever we fall.

That's for now, there will be more next time :)

Celest <3

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