PhFW Spring- Summer 2014 part 2

4:21 AM

My Philippine Fashion week adventure has not ended yet, this time I was with my friend Samantha.
For my second day I decided to wear a  crop top, violet maxi skirt and a four inched Forever21 heels.

(Day 2 Selfie)

The first show started 2:30 pm at the SMX Convention Function room 2 & 3.
 Mens Wear collection designed by Anthony Nocom, Christ Jasler, Don Sevilla III, Drei Soriano, Edgar Buyan, Jeffrey Rogador, Jinggo Ioncillo, M Barretto, Melchor Guito, Norman Noriega and Ulysses King were the first designers to show their collection.

After the show Sam and I decided to have mirienda and  visit some shops before heading to the Dickies Fashion show. Going around the mall, I needed to change into something more simple so that I will not get tired easily and also get attention from other people.

I only have this picture before the Dickies Fashion show because  of  battery saving purposes  for the last show. 

After the Dickies show I changed back to my maxi skirt and heels and headed to the Final and closing show of the Philippine Fashion Week,  " Ben Farrales, a Retrospective" which started 8:30 pm at the SMX Convention center Function room 2 &3.

This last show was dedicated to Ben Farrales or commonly called as "Mang Ben" who is considered as the Dean of the Philippine Fashion. Mang Ben's obi collection, kimona filipiniana, drape collection, tribute to Chona Casten collection, Maranaw collection, neck peice worn by Rufa Guttierez during the  Miss World Competition, Fresh Orchid gown and  his 50 years collection all through out his designing career were showcased during the final show.

Filipiniana inspired

 Maranao inspired 

Kimono Filipiana
Fresh Orchid gown ensemble

 Former models were also invited to walk the runway wearing Ben Farrales' creation. 

and last to walk the runway the Dean of the Philippine Fashion, mister Ben Farrales.

( Most of the photos were taken by Sam)

So far this has been the best fashion week experience. I hope you enjoyed reading my blog.

Celest Verzo now signing out


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