Party like a Neonite

5:14 AM

Party like a Neonite

Thinking of a unique theme for your party? Neon party might be a good idea. Last November 23, 2013 my co-blogger Daryl had his 18th birthday party with a neon theme. 
Finding a neon outfit is quite hard specially if it's already last minute.

Believe me my skirt was neon the picture quality just ruined the neon color of it

If you can't find any neon dress, a neon skater skirt might be a good substitute just pair it with a black top and add some accessories. 
One thing cool about a neon party is the black light, your skirt will glow :))

Props for the visitors for more party vibes and to spice up the party, our celebrant prepared some games like apple eating contest, blow the flour, suck and blow and hephep hooray.

 Running for my life because some of my friends are already throwing the flour haha

we got some smoking effects there but only flour version

Doing some emcee thing

With my kalog friends, kabogera at it's finest :)

a party would not end with out a selfie

 and finally with the celebrant mister Ryl Liwanag. #RylParty was a blast, Happy birthday and more birthdays to come dear :D

FUN does not depend on the place it lies on the people :D

I am slightly in the process of rearranging my priorities and I can't compose my thoughts properly. I hope I could get back to my more composed self.

Celest Verzo signing out.
Bisous :*

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