It's a Brow thing 2.0

9:07 PM

Having a nice brow does not end in trimming and shaping it, we need to make some maintenance and insert some effort like styling it with an eyebrow pencil.

( This photo is from Beautify and Creatify)

styling makes your brow more defined 

Here are some steps on how to attain that attractive eyebrow

( I do not own the pictures, to see more check Anastasia Beauty)

If you are not good at drawing an eyebrow try using a brow stencil

I use an e.l.f eyebrow stencil kit, it comes with four eyebrow shape.

And now the evolution of my Eyebrows



                                                  After brow shaping at the Brow studio

After using an elf stencil to style my eyebrows

I hope you learned something from this blog :D

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