Don't Stop Believing

10:47 PM

Just another normal Saturday of my life where in I just watch movies, surf the net and pig out with all the food we have in house. While I was skimming the facebook homepage I accidenntally clicked a video that my high school teacher shared.

This is a video about a public school teacher who gave a talk at TEDx ADMU  about  "A Return on Investment". Her name is Ms. Satrina Ongkiko she is a graduate of Ateneo De Manila University, on her talk she said she was suppose to pursue a medicine course but she chose to be a public school teacher. Many people persecuted her, told her that she just wasting her time teaching in a public school rather than teaching in a good well paying private school.

She believes in public school students, she believes even though the student himself/herself  don't believe in its own abilities.

" Wag mo kunin ang salita ng mga taong nagsasabing hindi mo kaya, na bwisit ka, na wala kang kwenta, hindi iyo ang mga salitang iyan" 
" Wag mo hayaang ikaw mismo ang magkulong sa sarili mong kakayahan" 

and these are the lines that struck me the most

 "Hindi nagsisimula ang pagtupad ng pangarap kapag matanda ka na, nag uumpisa sya ngayon"
Me personally I came from a public school both elementary and high school , I always look up to those who came from private school because they have the nice room, good educational system, well functioning facilities and a condusive environment for learning. When I watched the video  I asked, she have all the chance to take med course, to teach in a better school so why not grab the chance? that's like an opportunity that turned into  bubbles. As I continued to watch the video I slowly understood why did she choose  to be a public school teacher.

This video is not about everything is not about the material things you can get, the titles that you have or the benefits that you can have. Its about inspiration and motivation, believing in people, you will have the most satifying feeling ever when you get to make impact to other people's lives.

I dont want to tell everything I heard in the video because this blog would  look like a movie report like those in school. I want you to personally watch the video so you would be inspired and be moved. To see is to believe but also to believe is to see.

I salute this teacher, teachers like her are very rare. I believe that this was not an accident that I get to see her video. It has a purpose, I may not be inspired to become a public school teacher like her but I was inspired to continue reaching for my dreams

This is the link of the video. I hope you will be inspired by her words, she deserves a standing ovation

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